WoW-Sapien is dead.

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WoW-Sapien is dead. Empty WoW-Sapien is dead.

Post  Hematite on Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:35 pm


Velaristrasz decided to make the guild "Dragon Lords" for the purpose of reserving it. Due to certain circumstances which will not be mentioned here, he decided that it was more intelligent to reserve the Guild name for our usage.

Go make an account at WoW-Sapien and join! -

One of the Dragon Lords online should be able to invite you. If nobody from DL is online when you are, don't fret! Over the next few days, hopefully everyone will be gathered and collected into the guild so we can start anew. Then the guild can be turned over to Alexstrasz so we can resume the task of getting back to being a proper RP guild.

- H
PS: If you don't know the command already, type /who dragon and whisper somebody who's online for a guild invite. Do note that this may change once we're up and running, because Alex wanted to screen the userbase for non-fails and no-OPs.

Sapien is no more. DL is on Defiance now anyways.

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